On this page we would like to introduce well known international rifle shooters. A chance to see their positions, movements or equipment in pics and videotapes.A platform to compare elements like hand-position, way of loading or any other detail that may be important for your daily training.

Istvan Peni, Hungary

Born 1997 in Budapest, Hungary. Bronze AR Youth Olymics 2014, Silver WCH Changwon 2018, 300 Meter FR 3x40.

World Cup winner 3x40 and AR...

Seonaid McIntosh, Scotland

   Born 1996, 174 cm and 50 kg, living in Edinburg, Master in Mechanical Engeneering. 

World Champion Prone 2018, European Champion 3P 2017 in Baku   

Nazar Louginets, Russia

   World record holder 3x40, qualification with 1186 (Granada 2014) and Silver AR at the world championships Granada 2014. Born 1989, living in Moscow, 180 cm and 70 Kilo.     

Niccolo Campriani, Italy

   With 3 Olympic gold and 1 silver medal Nicco is defeniltly the worlds most decorated  rifle shooter in ISSF Competitions. This son of Florence has always been an unconventional fighter and a tireless tinkerer. Watching his qualifications or even finals was pure drama...     

Sergey Kamenskiy, RUS

Born 1987 in Biysk, Russia.

Silver OG 2016, Rio, FR 3x40, World Champion Changwon 2018 AR60.

Watch his video here: