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 The air rifle is the world’s most popular sport gun and the first Olympic medals of a games are decided in this discipline. This book comprises over 214 colour pages and 1500 photographs, drawings, graphics and training log sheets that tell you everything you need to know.
Top international shooters: The athletes featured in this book have been photographed in studios and in action at Olympic Games, World Cups, and World and European Championships.
State-of-the-art training principles: This book covers fitness, outer and inner stance, three-position shooting, supported shooting, movement sequences, the air rifle, aiming trace diagnostics, exercises, mental training, training management and coaching.
Important developments and trends in equipment: Rifles, aiming accessories, aiming tests, clothing, ammunition testing...
For beginners, advanced shooters and champions. The standard work for coach training. Includes a chapter on three-position air rifle shooting and a chapter on supported shooting. Numerous exercises, questionnaires, adjustment tables and training forms for practical use.
Material to accompany this book and the latest news about air rifle shooting can be found on my website www.heinzreinkemeier.de ,  Facebook and YouTube.   

The world of air rifle shooting is changing at a rapid pace. Guns and equipment are being modernised at ever shorter intervals and the performance of shooters at all levels continues to get better and better. More and more countries are competing for medals and tenths of points make all the difference between victory and defeat. All around the globe, shooters are training hard in national centres, local clubs and even at home. For many, leisure time, hobbies and high-end sports revolve around pellets and air rifles. It is a fascinating technology that offers everything that a sport shooter could want.
This book is based on the German title ‘LUFTGEWEHR-SCHIESSEN’ from 2010. However, just four years on from that publication, the text and images have been almost completely revised following changes to rules, guns and training methods. Decimal scoring has made the sport even more demanding, as literally fractions of a millimetre now count. A simple glance at the scoreboards of the 51st World Championships in Granada 2014 shows that the best of the best have been rocked. None of the Olympic finalists from London reached the men’s final. The 2014 World Cup in Munich was won by 14-year-old Martina Veloso from Singapore (see above).
To keep up with the pace of air rifle shooting, we’ve been adding brand new findings to this book right up to the day before it goes to the printers. We also use a website ( www.heinzreinkemeier.de) and Facebook to publish reports and materials that we can’t fit into this book. If you’re looking for further reading, you’ll find posters that you can print out (showing e.g. Ivana Maksimovic and Nicco Campriani), log sheet templates and much more besides. We have also made videos of the shooters covered in this book, which are available on the website and on YouTube (search for Heinz Reinkemeier). These clips complement the more than 1500 photos in this book and give you a good idea of what the movement sequences look like in action.
This book is a joint effort. It has been developed in the training, equipment and photo labs at MEC and is based on our daily work with shooters from all over the world. The most important tools in making it have been a camera and video camera, and the most valuable method is still talking to active shooters and their coaches during training sessions and at competition venues around the globe.
Special thanks go to Andrew Wood and Graham Rudd, who have put more effort into translating my ‘gobbledegook’ than I could ever have imagined necessary in my worst nightmares...
We hope you enjoy reading this book and that it can help you make good progress in air rifle shooting. If you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch with me through my website or on Facebook!  
                                                                 Drensteinfurt and Basel, January 2015,
                                                                 Heinz Reinkemeier & Gaby Bühlmann

Our new book, coming 2015...

AIR RIFLE Training + Competition

...here the wall of fame, all air rifle medaillists 1984-2012. the subtext still in german, waiting for Translation.
...here the wall of fame, all air rifle medaillists 1984-2012. the subtext still in german, waiting for Translation.
DRY FIRE AR 1 meter distance
DRY FIRE AR 1 meter distance