Anyone who reads books on sports psychology often encounters the same knitting pattern: relaxation, positive thinking and 'flow' experiences at the decisive moment of the competition. Whoever does this, so the promise goes, will soon hurry stress-free from victory to victory. This beautiful story is then explained using the example of a well-known sportsman, who - who wonders - was supervised by the author of the book.


   We have been looking after top shooters in major tournaments for decades, most recently at the Olympic Games in London and Rio. We experience them in the months before the start, in the days, hours and minutes before. And then in the final, the decisive final shot. Loose, relaxed and positive, however, we have never met anyone before! Certainly not those who got away with gold or silver.


   That's why we have written a book on sports psychology that corresponds to our experiences. It tells of heart palpitations, tension, breathing difficulties. About negative thoughts, blockades, rough mistakes and - how to still be halfway respectable. The sporting competition is a psychological drama, but there are coping strategies. These are what the 'psyche of the shot' is about.



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In decisive moments, it's our psyche that tips the balance. Whether you achieve your goal or not is dependent on your thoughts and feelings, and on your behavior most of all.

This book is a guide to how you can systematically prepare for tournaments and other stressful moments. It contains 1000 pictures, 200 exercises, a 6-week training plan and audio files on the techniques of psychological regulations.