Shooting glasses are still the classic visual aid for the shooter. With this variable frame, the lens can be fixed exactly where it offers the desired correction in terms of optics and position. Important criteria are:

- the distance of the lens to the eye

- the right-angled position of the lens 

- the view through the centre 

- the lateral and vertical alignment of the lens

- the ease with which the lens can be adjusted

- Variations (kneeling, lying, standing; support)

- the wearing comfort 

The basic adjustment of shooting glasses is a complicated act, because here conditions of the head shape, the optics and the position have to be harmonised. To do this, you should definitely consult an experienced shooting glasses optician, who will balance the basic shape and adjust the glasses to the correct angle and distance. Preferably one in the vicinity, whom you can reach quickly for touch-ups.

Refractioning, i.e. the exact determination of the corrective lens, should also be left to an optician with special knowledge of shooting sports. Unlike day glasses, the shooting lens, for example, is optimised exactly to the length of the sight. The distance between the eye and the lens must also be taken into account individually. Only the specialist knows many other details for each discipline and for each position.